Seizoenskrachten gezocht voor kas en veld

In the period from September till November we have much to do in our greenhouse in Ressen (close to Nijmegen), as well as in our trial fields. That is why Solynta is looking for enthusiastic, active, accurate and flexible persons who are willing to contribute for a number of weeks. The work is mainly very practical, but there will be opportunity to learn about the organization of a hybrid breeding program. Availability of a car is advantageous as our locations are difficult to reach by public transport.
Interested? Please send an email to:

In de periode van september tot en met november hebben we veel werk te doen in onze kassen en op onze proefvelden. Daarom is Solynta op zoek naar enthousiaste, actieve, nauwkeurige en flexibele personen die een aantal weken hieraan willen bijdragen. Het betreft voornamelijk praktisch werk, maar er zal voldoende gelegenheid zijn om veel te leren over wat er bij een veredelingsprogramma komt kijken. Beschikbaarheid van een auto is een pré, gezien de locaties met het OV nauwelijks te bereiken zijn.
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Meeting H.E. Kofi Annan

Solynta delegation participated in a meeting with H.E. Kofi Annan at Royal Institute for the Tropics Read more

Solynta in Major News bulletin of Netherlands Public Broadcast Foundation

please click link to replay Major News bulletin of Netherlands Public Broadcast Foundation of August 21, 2017, 2000hrs

NOS journaal August 21, 2017

Hybrid Potato breeding for improved varieties

Solynta’s Lindhout cs, contributes chapter on hybrid potato breeding in Prof. Dr Wang-Pruski to be released reference book on Potato in Burleigh Dodds series in Agricultural science  covering topics like:

  • The scientific basis for hybrid potato breeding
  • The state of the art of hybrid potato breeding
  • Production and commercialization of hybrid seed cultivars
  • Inbred lines for genetic research
  • Cropping system based on true seeds
  • Case Studies

burleigh dodds

Exploring the Potential of Hybrid Potato in East-Africa

The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) supported a fact-finding mission in East Africa to explore the potential of the usage of hybrid true potato seeds (TPS) for this region, and to identify interested partners from both private and public sectors to support research, development and commercialization of this technology. The mission was implemented by Solynta and took place in six countries.


Link to article: exploring the potential of hybrid potato cultivars in east africa in Knowledge4Food

Green Revolution architect sounds alarm on India’s food security;

World Food Price and Four Freedoms award laureate prof Swaminathan urges for perfecting true potato seeds to mitigate climate change […]

Encouraging results of early trials in East Africa

The potential of hybrid potato for East-Africa

experimental trial field in DR Congo

Potato is an important staple crop in East Africa. Most of the seed tubers are propagated in informal systems, whereby the tubers become deteriorated and contaminated, resulting in low crop yields. Potato breeding has not resulted in significantly improved varieties that overcome these constraints. Recently, true potato hybrid breeding technology has been developed, whereby diploid hybrids are generated by crossing between homozygous inbred parent lines. The first series of experimental hybrids were pre-screened in The Netherlands and ten representative hybrids were tested in East-Africa, whereby the yield of the best hybrid was 29 ton/ha. These results show the great potential of hybrid potato for East Africa.

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​Hackaton impulse: ‘How to introduce true potato seeds in Afrika?’

Impulse_NC_PotatoSeedHackaton_150909How can Solynta make its True Potato Seeds available to developing countries in a socially and economically responsible way, in order to contribute to feeding the world’s growing and often malnourished population?

In the context of ‘Feeding the World’, Food Valley NL is organising a True Potato Seeds Hackathon together with Solynta, Wageningen UR, HAS Hogeschool, Van Hall Larenstein and SoilCares Foundation.

Students are invited for the True Potato Seeds Hackathon. Please join when you have a background in: Social entrepreneurship, plant sciences & plant biotechnology, soil analysis, food technology, (world) food security, international development studies, international business & trade, innovation strategies, intellectual property, geo-information sciences, ICT and ethics.

We have lent the term Hackaton from the world of computer programming: it represents a pressure-cooker event in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. However, our Hackathon is not about computer programming. Replace ‘collaborative computer programming’ with ‘creating new business models’ and you know what we are going to do on September 9.

During our True Potato Seeds Hackathon we are asking 36 students from different (applied) universities to come up with promising business models on introducing True Potato Seeds in Africa. Students are asked to work in interdisciplinary groups. Information can be found through the internet, but also by consulting experts who are present.