Solynta has achieved more in potato breeding than all other researchers and breeders in the last century combined

-after evaluating status & progress reports 2016-
Global Processor2017

I could barely believe my eyes when I saw the yield level of the first batches last year. Although yield was not a goal, some of the hybrids generated the same yield as the regular variety

-after seeing the trial 2016 results-
Leading Farmer2017

You nailed it, you really nailed it.

-after seeing the trial 2016 results-
Leading Processor2017

Bloody Hell.

Global Processor2013

National Icon Solynta will contribute to future wealth and well-being and contributes to solving important societal problems.

Government of Kingdom of The Netherlands2014

Are you really sure these aren’t traditional tetraploid’s ?

Leading Potato Breeder2012

hybrid technology will allow the full use of the tools of molecular genetics which could not be used so far

Food Valley Award Jury2012

excellent project, very innovative, … enormous potential 

Review Committee Topchnology Top Institute Green Genetics2011

this research will produce the long awaited breakthrough in potato breeding.

Nomination Committee2012

This will be the new normal, no, this is the new normal.

Leading Potato Company2013

This will change the industry dramatically.

Leading Seed Breeding Company2012

it seeks to change the very landscape of potato breeding.

Leading Seed Breeding Company2012

Finally the existing breeding tools can be used in Potato, this will change the world…. a 2nd green revolution…..Fantastic

Rabobank, Prof Dr H Wijffels2012

Solynta’s technology is going to be an important factor in the solution for one of world’s biggest challenges. For that it has tremendous social and business potential.

PPM Oost, M Prins CEO2014

Tremendous potential to change the face of potato breeding

Accenture Innovation Award2013

Tremendous potential to change the face of potato breeding

Accenture Innovation Award2013