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Die neuen Knollen (Suddeutsche Zeitung)

Die Nachfrage nachKartoffeln steigt weltweit, zugleich beeinträchtigt der
Klimawandel denAnbau. Panzenzüchter arbeiten an neuen
widerstandsfähigen Sorten (van Eric StokStad)

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Gezocht: Seizoenskrachten voor in de kas

In the period from April till June we have much to do in our greenhouse in Ressen (close to Nijmegen). That is why Solynta is looking for enthusiastic, active, accurate and flexible persons who are willing to contribute for a number of weeks. The work is mainly very practical, but there will be opportunity to learn about the organization of a hybrid breeding program. Availability of a car is advantageous as our location is difficult to reach by public transport.
Interested? Please send an email to:

In de periode van april tot en met juni hebben we veel werk te doen in onze kassen (nabij Nijmegen). Daarom is Solynta op zoek naar enthousiaste, actieve, nauwkeurige en flexibele personen die een aantal weken hieraan willen bijdragen. Het betreft voornamelijk praktisch werk, maar er zal voldoende gelegenheid zijn om veel te leren over wat er bij een veredelingsprogramma komt kijken. Beschikbaarheid van een auto is een pré, gezien de locatie met het OV lastig te bereiken is.
Interesse? Stuur een email naar:

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The New Potato (Science magazine)

Interesting potato coverage in Science Magazine by Eric Stokstad

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Solynta appoints Charles Miller as its Commercial Director

Today, Solynta has announced that it has appointed Charles Miller as its Commercial Director.

Charles brings over 20 years’ experience in leadership roles in the seed industry to Solynta. Before joining Solynta, Charles was with Chromatin Inc. where he led the company’s international business development and sales as Vice President. He was a principal in the sorghum company MMR Genetics/Richardson Seeds, and after its acquisition by NuFarm, became the Global Development Manager for NuFarm’s sorghum business. Prior to that, he worked for Mars, Inc. for several years, where he gained deep experience in trading, logistics, and treasuries.

Next to his roles within Industry, Miller is also serving on the Board of Directors of American Seed Trade Association as well as Chairman of the Innovation and Policy Committee. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors of the African Seed Trade Association.

“Charles’ vision for innovation and agriculture development, combined with the global network he has established, will tremendously augment our business,” said Hein Kruyt CEO of Solynta. “Charles will lead the global business development strategy and commercial network and we look forward to the lasting impact he and his team will have on the company.”

“Solynta has developed leading edge technology in hybrid potato breeding. This technology has been proven and will increase the speed at which new traits can be brought to the market”, said Miller. “Potato is a staple food crop throughout the world. With Solynta’s technology we can bring adapted hybrid potatoes not only to the high-tech agricultural markets, but we can also help the developing world with sustainable and high-quality products. I am proud to be part of this energetic and innovative team.”

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Potato is a hugely important crop worldwide, being eaten across the world and across cultures. Increased crop productivity and strength will help cater for the increasing global population, and also serve to reduce famine in challenging and impoverished environments. The potato breeding company Solynta in The Netherlands has successfully produced a hybrid breeding program for potatoes which will allow the rapid selection and turnover of favourable traits, traits which could help feed millions of people worldwide.


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Where Is The World’s Next Meal Coming From? The Netherlands (Ozy)

Solynta mentioned in Ozy’s future food coverage



Meeting H.E. Kofi Annan

Solynta delegation participated in a meeting with H.E. Kofi Annan at Royal Institute for the Tropics Read more

Solynta in Major News bulletin of Netherlands Public Broadcast Foundation

please click link to replay Major News bulletin of Netherlands Public Broadcast Foundation of August 21, 2017, 2000hrs

NOS journaal August 21, 2017