High Speed Potato Breeding

To enhance the overall position of Solynta and to show that introgression breeding allows within a few years the breeding of potato varieties with added value. Introgression breeding is the process in which a small region (with genes causing beneficial characteristics) of a donor is integrated in a commercially good variety. This can be done with normal breeding crosses and selection with molecular markers. One of the aims of HiSPoB was the introgression of different genes giving resistance to Phytophthora infestans (most devastating potato disease). Stacking different genes in a single variety will most likely make the resistance more durable.

Overall conclusion: The HiSPoB project has been very successful and played a crucial role in Solynta’s progress and visibility. Scientifically it was shown that useful genes can be added to existing potato hybrids in a relatively short period (2 years). The HiSPoB project was important in making Solynta and their breeding techniques more known for the public. All this will make it possible for Solynta to introduce their first Phytophthora resistant, good yielding lines within a few years.

Phytophthora infested plant
Horizon 2020 Call: H2020-SMEINST-2-2014
Topic: SFS-08-2014
Type of action: SME-2 Proposal number: SEP-210220662
Proposal acronym: HISPOB