• United Nations Year of the Potato

    Interesting and good grounding information of the role and the potential of potato. The international year of the potato is an initiative of the United Nations and FAO to highlight the importance of Potato in the global food security and food supply.

  • Goal directed, Fast & EfFicient Potato Breeding

    Demonstration through adding a double stack Late Blight Resistance in a variety

    Targeted and predictable breeding has now become possible, enabling the development of new innovative varieties within a time period of 2 years compared to >10 years in traditional breeding, with beneficial traits (like improved disease resistance, 80% less pesticide use and 30% higher yield). Furthermore, thirty grams of seed is sufficient to produce enough seedling tubers to plant one hectare of potatoes whereas 2500 kilos of conventional seed tubers are required for the same area. Thus, the propagation via True Potato Seeds will speed up the process of potato propagation by more than 400% and simultaneously decrease the costs with more than 300%.

  • Website with statistics on our world. Look at “Food people died of hunger today” to see the size of the problem

  • Interesting resource for the global potato industry

  • Interesting resource for the global seed industry