Complex potato genome further unveiled

Scientists from Solynta and Wageningen University & Research (WUR) have published the most complete genome sequence for potatoes to date. A unique aspect is […]

The Potato- from tuber to seed (University of Groningen Video)

University of Groningen videos The weekly online video magazine Unifocus highlights topics related to the University of Groningen in the […]

Die neuen Knollen (Suddeutsche Zeitung)

Die Nachfrage nachKartoffeln steigt weltweit, zugleich beeinträchtigt der Klimawandel denAnbau. Panzenzüchter arbeiten an neuen widerstandsfähigen Sorten (van Eric StokStad) Click […]

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Where Is The World’s Next Meal Coming From? The Netherlands (Ozy)

Solynta mentioned in Ozy’s future food coverage    


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