The main objective of the project is to develop a method to produce seed potatoes from diploid potato seeds on a commercial scale. Another equally important objective is to develop storage and processing strategies that lead to optimal shelf life and quality of seed potatoes under different circumstances. A third aim is to inform market parties, seed potato growers, ware potato growers and consumers about the project and its results.

Description of the project
Diploid potato seeds are very small and cannot be sown directly in the ground. Potato plants will be grown by a plant raiser as it is now with other vegetables. These plants will be planted by Mts Bartelen (a seed and ware potato grower with also field vegetables). Mts Bartelen conducts research into fertilization, planting distances and other cultivation-technical measures.

Analysis of the obtained data should lead to an integrated method to:
1. Grow potato plants from diploid potato seeds
2. Planting potato plants under field conditions in practice
3. Cultivate potato plants until seed potatoes can be harvested.

Harvested seed potatoes must be processed and stored. For this reason, the project also investigates which storage and processing strategies are the best for seed potatoes obtained from diploid potato seeds.

Analysis of the obtained data must lead to an integrated method to optimize storage and processing conditions for seed potatoes in order to:
a. Guarantee shelf life
b. Provide germination
c. Ensuring the health of seed potatoes

The developed methods for growing, processing and storing hybrid potatoes from diploid seeds are important to enable commercial cultivation. For this reason, the project provides a presentation and education space, in order to inform interested parties in the potato cultivation and processing sector. This space will also be used for knowledge transfer and information activities for a wider audience, for example students and related sectors. The partners in the project will set up an Operational Group along the guidelines of the EIT to promote communication and interaction during the project with stakeholders.

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